A short interview with WASO's Principal Timpani, Alex Timcke

Do you remember the first orchestral work you heard?
Stravinsky’s The Firebird: Suite - I’m not sure if it’s the first one I heard but definitely the first one I became obsessed with! There was one particular recording that I loved and listened to dozens of times!

What is the best thing about being a musician in WASO?
It really is a privileged position – getting to play great music with great conductors, while surrounded by great friends and colleagues.

If you had to choose any other instrument to play in the orchestra, what would it be?
Tricky choice – I’m not sure that any of the others would live up to the timpani! Probably one of the brass instruments.

What’s the most challenging piece of music you’ve ever had to play? Why?
Probably some of the film scores we’ve done in the last couple of years. They are recorded in small chunks for the film, but when we play the live concert version it can be quite challenging.

Has your opinion of good music changed over your lifetime?
I don’t hear much music that I don’t like! I think over the years my taste has broadened, but there’s always something to learn, particularly if it’s a piece I haven’t ever played.

Where was your last holiday destination?
Quite a story! We drove across the Nullabor Plain last holidays and had a wonderful trip as a family. The return trip however, did not go as smoothly. We broke down near the Nullabor Roadhouse and had to be towed back to Perth, so a slightly disappointing end to a great trip! The upside of it though was meeting so many folks who were willing to help us out. It absolutely renewed my faith in people. Do the drive if you get the chance!!

Featured in 2018 Masters 3 & Classics 3 Programs.