Cellist Nick Metcalfe’s time off the mainstage has been an opportunity to work on creative endeavours of the building kind. We spoke to Nick about his latest project.

During our COVID hiatus one of the projects I've undertaken is building a doghouse for my partner's schnoodle, Luna.

Over the past eight years I have renovated or rebuilt much of the exterior of my house. This has left me with a stock of leftover materials as I don't like throwing away and wasting things.

The doghouse taking shape

When Jen, my partner, asked if I'd be interested in building Luna a doghouse I thought this would be a good opportunity to use some of these unused building supplies. The idea of modelling the doghouse on my actual house took shape early on.

Nick's house

The brief was that it not just be a shelter from the elements but also provide comfort during the heat of summer and cold of winter. Insulating the walls, ceiling, and floor would help achieve this and luckily, I had some foam insulation lying around. This then gave rise to the idea that the doghouse could also double as a large esky should we ever be entertaining large numbers in the future. You never know, it might happen...


It came together quite nicely and you can definitely see the similarities between the front of my house and Luna's doghouse. It even has the number 7A.

Luna's new house

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