Earlier this month our Community Engagement and Education team joined WASO’s Southern Symphony Tour, visiting schools and community groups across the region.

Across five days the WASO string trio and CE&E team conducted seven performances and visited community members across Esperance and Albany, travelling over 1,200 kms. Read all about their travels below.

L to R: Executive Manager CE&E Alena Tompkins, cellist Shigeru Komatsu, violinist Bec Glorie, Education Manager Becca Shakespeare and violinist Elliot O’Brien on tour.

Sunday - Monday

The first half of the team hit the road to Esperance on Sunday. With a van packed with instruments, scores, and all sorts of goodies, it was a full day of driving. The remaining members of the team took the easy road – the sky! - flying from Esperance to Perth on Monday morning.

Reunited, the team explored Esperance before bestowing violinist Bec Glorie with a special gift – handmade golden underpants?

The team had been preparing for several performances of the musical adaptation of Giles Andreaes storybook Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants, featuring the catch-cry “the underpants of glory, the underpants of gold!” With Bec’s surname tying in perfectly, there was no escaping it; Bec would be the wearer of the Golden Underpants for the week.

The team presented their first performance of the tour in the afternoon at Esperance Education Support Centre, joined by presenter Thea Rossen.

L to R: Bec, Elliot, Shigeru and Thea perform at Esperance Education Support Centre.


Performances at Esperance Christian School and Castletown Primary saw the trio and Thea perform Sir Scallywag to over 200 primary students. The school audiences sang, did actions and brought plenty of energy to internationally renowned composer Paul Rissmann’s orchestrations, which were created exclusively for the tour. Bec Glorie matched the energy by wearing the precious golden underpants on her head!

L to R: Bec, Elliot, Shigeru and Thea perform at Esperance Christian School

Wednesday – Thursday

After another big day of travelling featuring the Ravensthorpe lolly shop, seas of canola and naps in the van, the team continued the tour in Albany.

Starting at Spencer Park Education Support Centre, students explored the feeling of vibrations through the floor and listened to cellist Shigeru Komatsu’s performance of Bach’s Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. Mount Lockyer Primary School was next, where the trio performed to an audience of 387 students!

The players joined community musician group Albany Sinfonia in the evening for a workshop exploring Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite.

L to R: Elliot, Bec and Shigeru at the Ravensthorpe Lolly Shop.


The final day of tour meant the final outing for the golden underpants at Yakamia Primary School. 170 students and teachers welcomed the team, farewelled the underpants and brought the tour to a close.

The team would like to thank all those in Esperance and Albany who made them feel so welcome.

“We all very much enjoyed this whirlwind trip to the Great Southern. Esperance and Albany both hold special places in our hearts and we cannot wait to come back.”  - Elliot O’Brien.

L to R: Elliot, Bec and Shigeru show off the famous golden underpants one last time.

WASO will tour to Geraldton and Kalgoorlie in November 2022.

WASO’s 2021-2023 touring program is supported by the Government of Western Australia through Playing WA; an initiative of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ Regional Arts and Cultural Investment Program.
WASO Education in Residence, Paul Rissmann, supported by McCusker Charitable Foundation.