While we’re all enjoying the camaraderie of being back in the office with our colleagues, working from home with our fur children made it that little bit harder to return. Meet the Pets of WASO!

Sarah Blackman, Violin


Wilbur (Cavoodle) and Polly (Maltese x Shih Tzu)



Seven and Four

How we met

We have had them both since they were young puppies.

Fun Facts

Polly is definitely the boss as she loves to push in front of Wilbur whenever he is getting any attention. She is forever the trouble maker. When in the mood, they love to zoom around on the grass and wrestle (where Wilbur gets his revenge). In the cold and rainy weather, Wilbur especially will enjoy being curled up under a blanket all day staying nice and warm.

What I love most about them

They both love attention and cuddles and will happily curl up next to you on the couch.


Frankie Lo Surdo, Horn



We can’t remember how we chose Smith but his original name was Graham so that obviously had to change.

Megan and Frankie Lo Surdo with Smith



How we met

We found Smith on Gumtree, as a family was getting rid of him when he was one.

Fun Facts

Smith is a Dachshund x Jack Russell. Unlike normal Dachshunds, he has the ability to jump over a metre high which we’ve always found hilarious for a dog so close to the ground.


What I love most about him

Smith is always up for hanging out, whether we’re laying around the house or going for a walk he’s there.

We got Smith when I was going through a rough time dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Having Smith around was an integral tool in managing my anxiety, dogs are such a fantastic way of breaking the cycle of mental health symptoms.

What I enjoyed most about working from home with him

We’re very lucky Smith doesn’t mind a bit of French horn. I think he is more concerned and confused about the whole covid situation than we are.  


Helen Tuckey, Viola



Named after Bart Simpson, as he’s a Stimson’s python.


How we met

His enclosure was kind of smuggled into the house by my son Andy as we weren’t keen on the idea of his residency at first. Prior to that he lived with my nephew.

Fun Facts

He’s the ideal pet for a musical home - Andy’s drums, singing, Catherine’s violin students, Steve’s guitar and band practice and my viola and my students don’t bother him at all, as he’s deaf. Some music students are very keen for him to curl all over them and if they play really well, that’s their reward.

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