Welcome to our 2022 season.

Music is simultaneously very personal and social. It can evoke emotions that resonate within our deepest selves; exciting, connecting, consoling. Every performance is different, and everyone’s experience is unique.


The designs featured throughout our 2022 season have been developed from a fusion of music and technology, utilising the actual repertoire in our 2022 program.

Developed in collaboration with Rhythm Creative Content, our music is revealed visually through reactive artificial intelligence technology to form the distinctive soundwave artworks that provide the backdrop to our amazing season.


Every chord, every beat, every movement is unique. From that first note to the thunderous applause, music evokes memories of special people, places, or moments in time. This is music to move you.


Keep an eye on our website and social media channels as we showcase how this music moves.

Explore our 2022 season.