Every regular WASO concert-goer has their favourite spot in the Perth Concert Hall Auditorium.

Whether it’s enjoying the world-renowned acoustics in the upper or lower gallery, or sitting in the front rows for an up-close experience with the soloist, there are so many fantastic vantage points.

The choir stalls, behind the orchestra facing out on the Auditorium, can be the best spot to experience the orchestra and conductor in a whole new way. Best of all, these seats are just $30.

One of our audience members recently gave us this very creative feedback on their choir stalls concert experience; a poem about our recent concert Dvořák’s New World, from their “eagle eye viewpoint”:


Perching high above in the choir stalls
We are, Anne and I, at the Concert Hall.
Before and below us our quality orchestra plays
With its many instruments widely arrayed.

Stretching back to the farthest point
Sits the audience ready to anoint
Eduardo the visiting conductor from Brazil
Who does not disappoint with his flourishing skill.

Next to him on the edge of the stage
The Finnish marvel Paavali has to engage
The piano with only his left hand
In Concerto by Ravel of a very strange brand.

From our vantage point there appears a narrow intangible
Zone dividing the ardent irresistible
Musicians, ultra active on one side
And the audience, silent and still but inwardly electrified.

There stands Eduardo, his whole body, baton and face in motion.
At a right-angle to him, Paavali's five fingers flash with emotion.
These two classical stars dismantle that division
And thus unite orchestra and audience with entrancing precision.


  • Peter Ellis, 26 April 2022.
Eduardo Strausser conducts the orchestra in Dvořák’s New World. Photo by Rebecca Mansell.

Thanks Peter!

“Eagle eye viewpoints” from our $30 choir stall seats are available for most WASO concerts at Perth Concert Hall. Check out what’s on here.