Whether we’re on stage, or working behind the scenes here at WASO, not being able to experience the concerts we work so hard to bring you left a hole in our hearts. With our return to the stage imminent, we spoke to some of our amazing administration team to find out what they’re most excited about.

Alan Tyrrell, Artistic Planning Manager

I felt this huge surge of all different emotions run through me when the Orchestra rehearsed together for the first time in five months. I know that when we get to perform with our own audience in the concert hall we’ll be able to multiply those feelings by a thousand. I just can’t wait for that moment, it is going to be so special.

Cliona Guilmartin, Corporate Partnerships & Marketing Manager

I was lucky enough to get to go to the live performance of Composition Project in July and it’s true what they say – absence does make the heart grow fonder! I always knew that getting to hear the Orchestra perform in the fantastic acoustics of Perth Concert Hall was special, but being deprived of those performances (which I almost took for granted!) for five months, really put a new perspective on my appreciation for live music. I can’t wait to hear the power of the full Orchestra together again, it’s a meditative thing for me where I get to focus on the live experience taking place right in front of me. There’s nothing quite like it.

Lorraine Tracey, Perth Concert Hall Reception

I am really looking forward to welcoming our Front of House team back to the Hall and to have them back on board supporting our wonderful patrons. It will be fantastic to see the foyers buzzing with excited people again and to feel the excitement that comes with ‘show night’.

I have been fortunate enough to hear the small groups of musicians who have been rehearsing in various areas of the Perth Concert Hall during the COVID-19 period and getting to know them (and their pets!) on a more personal level. I come to the concerts with my husband and daughter - we just can’t wait to see the Orchestra back on stage, listening to this fabulously talented team of musicians we are so lucky to have here in Western Australia. It will be a very emotional evening for patrons and musicians alike and I can’t wait.

Sarah Salleo, Artistic Planning Coordinator

Working with our amazing conductors and soloists I have so missed the buzz and anticipation leading up to a concert backstage. There is nothing else like it. Time never goes faster than when you are counting down to the conductor’s down beat while getting everything in place and looking after those unexpected events like sewing on a button minutes before a musician walks onto the stage. It’s the greatest reward to watch our artists and orchestra walk out and hear the most spectacular, world-class performances that follow.

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