In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Asher Fisch’s WASO debut, we asked a few members of our WASO family what they love most about the Maestro.

Janet Holmes à Court – WASO Chair (1997-2018), Board member and Patron

“I have far too many memories of Asher to focus on just one. I guess his love of cooking and generosity as a host is delightfully endearing. I remember a delicious Middle-Eastern meal he cooked for a group of WASO people a few years ago.

Most of all, I remember the sound of the WASO pre-Asher!! And I compare that with the sound of the WASO now with Asher. What a difference this outstanding conductor and musician has made to our orchestra. And what a difference he has made to our lives and that of our city.

To have in our midst both him and an orchestra of such quality has enriched us all.”


Zak Rowntree - WASO Principal 2nd Violin

“I really enjoy when we get to see Asher’s sense of humour, and his ability to laugh at himself.

We had a rehearsal a few years ago when Asher got a bit carried away with the baton, and injured himself in the face (there was blood involved!). After the interval, a member of the most underrated section of the orchestra had kindly affixed a ping pong ball onto the end of his baton (workplace Health and Safety).

That member of the section was slightly worried about how Asher would take this, but he was very good humoured and laughed at his mishap.” 

Asher Fisch with Janet Holmes à Court, WASO Chair Richard Goyder and WASO.

Robert Gladstones – WASO Principal 3rd Horn

“It has been wonderful playing with Asher as Chief Conductor. The orchestra is playing better than it ever has in my 31 years with WASO. His core repertoire is very much my favourite music to play.” 


Sue Marshman – WASO Patron

“When the announcement was made that Asher was to be WASO’s new Principal Conductor, I knew we were in for a treat. However, I don't think anyone (except perhaps Asher), would have envisaged just what an effect he would have on the orchestra. His enthusiasm and energy seem to have spread to all the musicians and their performances have gone from strength to strength.

As well as his impact on the orchestra, I believe he has also taken the audiences on a musical journey. From the first Beethoven Festival to the recent Discovery Concerts, we have explored history, composition and orchestration and as someone with little formal education in music, I have found it to be a most rewarding experience.

Thank you, Asher.”

Suzanne and David Biddles– WASO Patrons

“We come away from every concert thinking how lucky we are to have Asher Fisch, and this past week on ABC Classic FM we were delighted to hear WASO described as "his WASO"!

Until this weekend I would have unhesitatingly chosen the complete cycle of Beethoven symphonies as our Asher highlight, but Friday night's Discovery Concert "The Art of Orchestration" has made me think again. It was simply marvellous, and demonstrated again Asher's incredible versatility, his passion, his knowledge, his skill as performer, conductor and presenter.

We LOVE Asher!!”


Incredibly, 50 current WASO Philanthropy Patrons attended Asher’s WASO debut 20 years ago!

Join us as we celebrate this special occasion going back to where it all began as Asher Fisch conducts Verdi’s transcendent and monumental Requiem.


Verdi’s Requiem
Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November – 7.30pm
Perth Concert Hall
Tickets here

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