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Masters Series Package

Save 20% with a Masters Series Package

In 2021 there will be four one-night-only performances of Masters Series concerts; two will be performed on a Friday and two on a Saturday. Therefore, a Friday night package will include different concerts to a Saturday. You can experience all concerts in the series by choosing a ‘Plus’ package.

Renewing subscribers will have their same seats renewed for 6 concerts. These seats may not be available for the 2 alternative night concerts in Masters Series Plus packages.

Package A Res B Res C Res^ Under 30*
Masters Friday or Saturday (6 Concerts) - Standard $456 $408 $330 $144
Masters Plus (8 Concerts) - Standard $608 $544 $440 $192
Masters Friday or Saturday (6 Concerts) - Concession* $408 $360 $330
Masters Plus (8 Concerts) - Concession* $544 $480 $440

*ID required - view accepted Concessions here.  ^ Can be restricted viewing.


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