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WASO Philanthropy Team

Our Values:

  • We take responsibility for explaining and educating, internally and externally, why Philanthropy at WASO is vital. The passion for the art form is at the centre of our conversations, not the dollars.
  • We value our philanthropic partnerships and seek to maximise your involvement with the Orchestra. It is you our musicians are playing for.
  • We act with honesty and integrity and are respectful of your privacy.
  • We are ambassadors for the Orchestra and encourage you to join us. 


Executive Manager, Philanthropy
Alecia Benzie
(08) 9326 0020


Planned Giving Manager
Sarah Tompkin
(08) 9326 0017


Philanthropy & Annual Giving Manager
Jacinta Sirr
(08) 9326 0014


Philanthropy & Events Coordinator
Emily Kennedy
(08) 9326 0016