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Credit: Emma van Dordrecht


Orchestral Partnerships

Orchestral Partnerships – Supporting a Chair in the Orchestra

Supporting our musicians lies at the very heart of philanthropy at WASO and is vital to how we can operate. Government funding no longer fully covers orchestral salaries and income through ticket sales is, whilst substantial, not enough to cover our expenditure. It is therefore critically important to find new ways to fill this salary gap. Our new Orchestral Chairs Fund will enable us to rely on a stable source of funding for paying our musicians in order to utilise other sources of funding - which we are continually seeking - to support excellence in our programs at Perth Concert Hall and in our Education & Community Engagement programs.

An Orchestral Partnership funds a Chair in the Orchestra and enables Patrons to deepen their connection with the Orchestra and their knowledge of a particular instrument. Patrons get to watch the musical career of the musician of their choice, and enjoy musical and social occasions with WASO’s players while learning more about the life of a professional musician.

Orchestral Partnerships can be arranged either individually or as part of a syndicate and have a minimum commitment of two years. Partners will be acknowledged beneath ‘their’ player’s name in WASO concert programs and on the website, and also as part of our regular Patrons acknowledgements. Orchestral Partners also get to enjoy opportunities to meet and be kept up to date with ‘their’ musician throughout the year. These partnerships often last for many years and can be deeply gratifying experiences for both Patrons and musicians.

Lesley and Peter Davies, who have recently decided to support the Chair of Tutti Viola, said: “We have enjoyed Concerts with the WASO and watched the Orchestra progress for over 25 years now and thought it would be good to have a closer involvement with the players, and a player in particular. The Orchestral Partnership seems to offer an excellent opportunity to achieve that goal whilst at the same time providing further support for the Orchestra in general. We are excited at the prospect of getting to know our sponsored player and having his insight into the workings of the Orchestra.

There are various options to get involved and your support will be greatly appreciated by our musicians: 

Tutti Musician:  $10,000 p.a. 
Associate Principal:  $15,000 p.a.
Section Principal & Principal Musician:  $20,000 p.a.
Assistant Concertmaster:  $50,000 p.a.
Associate Concertmaster: $75,000 p.a.
Concertmaster:  $100,000 p.a.   

If you are interested in learning more about supporting this new fund, see our brochure here or please contact Jacinta Sirr on 9326 0014 or to discuss which Chair might best suit your philanthropic vision. All gifts to this fund are tax deductible.