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Hospital Orchestra Project (HOP)

Profiled at the 8th Annual International Arts and Healthcare Conference and featured on the front cover of The Chamber of Arts and Culture Western Australia's Report on the 'Examination of the Use of Arts to Improve Health and Healing in Western Australian Hospitals', HOP has been running since 2008 in partnership with the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health (SSEN:MMH).

WASO provide vital emotionally supportive experiences, a connection to the community outside hospital and access to The Arts Learning Area through presentation of a broad range of performance and participatory music programs, as well as visits to children in classrooms and on the wards.

Performances are broadcast throughout the hospital on Starlight TV.

“It was amazing and very engaging. Also as a mum in a stressful situation it made my heart float for a while"
Parent, HOP

For further information, please contact Cassandra Lake, Executive Manager Community Engagement at or 08 9326 0088.